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Originally Posted by lolcopter View Post
If this board wasnt so damn predictable about wanting subpar players added to the team maybe I would have chosen my words better. Next time I'll be sure to be more politically correct when dumping on a washed up TE who was cut by a crappy team with a rookie QB, lest everyone get their panties in a bunch
Not posting like **** isn't being politically correct. It just requires using that lump of soft tissue positioned between your ears a bit more.

When you arguments against a guy are:
1. "he sucks" when in fact the guy has made a couple pro-bowls and when healthy has still been an effective all around TE.
2. "too old" at 30 years of age when all we need is one season out of him.
3. "too expensive" when he doesn't have a contract and is likely to sign for the vet minimum.

You aren't being politically incorrect. You're just incorrect, which is entirely a product of your own ignorance.

Tamme hasn't looked very good this pre-season at catching the ball and he's never been a good blocker. Virgil Green is out for 4 games to start the year due to his suspension. By most all accounts both Thomas and Ingram have looked like dog **** all camp and pre-season. So that leaves us Dreessen as the only healthy and well rounded TE we can even put on the field.

We need a 3rd TE while we wait for Green to get healthy anyway, why let Thomas or Ingram get the job by default when a vet FA signing has higher upside AND a higher floor?
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