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Originally Posted by lolcopter View Post
His last contract was for $3.8m. We just locked up Tamme and Dreessen for far less than that, but if you really think an oft-injured 30yo TE is needed for Peyton to run an efficient offense, then be my guest.

I don't think we need him, I don't want him. And in typical orange mane fashion, let's add some scrub but pass on truly elite talent at the RB position (because we're so stacked in that area too!)
and he got cut, you really think he is going to make 3.8 million?

If you can't see the difference between signing a probowl talent on the cheap (with no cost in draft picks or players) and trading away valuable resources for a top tier player that will want a top tier contract extension as well, not to mention based on the career spans of the 2 positions likely has the same number of effective years left in his career.... Then I don't know how to help you.
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