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Originally Posted by lolcopter View Post
Sure thing bud. You left out that he only played 7 games in 09 and 5 games in 2011. 6 TDs in the last 4 years WOW(!)

Too old, too expensive, and not needed

And he also sucks
Too expensive? He doesn't have a freakin contract!

Too old? Aren't you the guy you freaked out about getting MJD because we are in win now mode? Because we have an All-pro QB who is Old, expensive, and was injured all of last year? Cooley is better than Tamme right now, Who has 5 CAREER TD's by the way. Dreesseen and Cooley are the same age and Dreesseen has never shown half the ability of Cooley. you happen to have a rebuttal that involves facts or analysis?

Or are you going to stick with, he was hurt twice, and despite being a superior football player to both of our tight ends...he sucks?
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