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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
We all know that 24 other teams get to take players that are waived before we get to get them. So all the better cuts are going to wind up on NON playoff winning teams.

Just one more reason to lose that PIT playoff game instead of win it.
Hard to tell if you are joking or not. I don't think you are being serious. What Broncos fan, or any fan for that matter, hopes his team loses a playoff game, or any game for that matter. The ONLY game you could even think about wishing to lose is if you were 1-13 or something and a loss would give your the 1st overall pick and somebody like Andrew Luck was sitting there waiting for you. But you're talking about losing a playoff game. That's insane dude. The only way you get one of these...... to WIN playoff games to reach the Superbowl. Cmon dude.
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