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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
Does this read any better in English?

It is very compatible. Not sure why YOU don't get that.

For the second time now, Elway and TD made it work, did they not?
Yes they did 15 years ago when it was not a passing NFL..

Obviously you will not change my mind nor Your comments mine. So let's agree to disagree..

Also saw a weasels comments about past draftees of Mikey.

Yes I thought some of his choices would not make it in the NFL. But in cladys case I wanted a someone on the DL at the time just like I did when cutlet was drafted as for Doom, I doubt anyone really saw him becoming what he did. And for those that claim he would be a super star well I think we all know they are full of crap.

I guessing that most folks on here have been wrong in their ideas at one time or another.. I was wrong with Clady ( although leading the league in holding calls tells me his knee is still not right) and Doom. Glad I was. ..

Weasels are weasels are weasels.
Glad I have most of them on IGGY.
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