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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Sure, and by The Football Guys (where Majik got his write up from) Peyton Manning is only the #12 QB in the league (LULZ).

There's some risk involved but after getting snake bit year after year, even when I go out of my way to pick career healthy guys, I've decided to just ignore the potential of injury and instead just focus on who's injured now as the only modifier to BPA drafting.

I figure if only one of the guys you pointed out is hurt/under achieves I'm looking pretty good. If two do then it could be a struggle, but should still be manageable. But then that's also why I'm willing to take some "dare to be great" risks on my bench too.

I think Wilson will legitimately challenge Bradshaw for the Giants #1 RB job by season's end.

Sidney Rice is finally healthy and playing with better passing QBs, I think he could easily return to form and be a solid WR2.

Ronnie Brown will start a minimum of 8 games for the Chargers this year, with how fragile Matthews is and apparently he's now planning to rush back from his broken clavicle, risking a more serious injury.

Flacco has looked sharp this pre-season and has a plethora of passing game weapons. Everyone was betting that last season would be his breakout year but I think that was a season premature.

Owen Daniels is damn near starter grade in this league, especially now that Dreessen the TD vulture is gone to Denver.

Then I got a couple rookie lotto tickets at WR, to feel out which one I think is the better play.
I agree on Wilson, I wanted him bad..just waited to long and because after my pick I had time to wash the dogs and the car before I got to pick again.
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