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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I'm pretty sure you pay the "guaranteed" money, whatever that is. That's why it's called guaranteed because the team pays it no matter what happens. The Broncos under Shanny did this a lot, paying out "dead" money to players no longer on the team.
The dead money Shanny dealt with was cap related and not payroll related. In other words, all that dead money counted against the cap in future years after guys were cut, but the actual money was already paid to the player before they were cut.

Most of today's "guaranteed" money that isn't paid upfront are specifically called "roster bonuses" and are only paid at certain dates in the future if they're still on the roster. Peyton Manning is all too familiar with those. If you get cut before then, you owe them nothing, like the Colts with Peyton.
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