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Yeah he got $8 mill last year but this year he is gettign $4.5 and if the Jags do not budge Im sure he'd rather have $6.25 with a $12 million signing bonus from the Broncos over the $4.5 he will make from the Jags, if he shows up.

Players love those signing bonuses and I'm sure he'd love to deposit another $12 million into his bank account.

I do agree with you though it is all speculation. I just wish the Broncos would look into it and see what it would take.
Speculate? It's what we do.

Problem as I see it is if they really decide to move him, they'll probably have his agent shop around for the team most willing to pay him (and the Jags in picks)

So the comparison shouldn't be to what he's making this year. It's to what other teams would be willing to pay.

Hopefully we wouldn't be dumb enough to front-load another big contract for him now that he's only a few years away from his expiration date.
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