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Exactly...these clowns act like Pioli insisted Crennel had to finish 7-9 to get the HC gig as 6-10 obviously wouldn't suffice...
The Chefs would be stupid to base the decision to hire Crennel on the overall season record -- the one that got Haley fired.

What you look for in deciding whether to hire the existing coordinator, is whether their's a noticeable change in direction, in the trend of wins and losses, and whether the team seems to play for him. The team responded to Crennel's coaching -- they beat the Packers and the Broncos.

Is it that hard to conclude the Chefs were playing their best in that game? Wasn't the game by Tebow bad enough, just looking at it? What's the need to add to it "and the Chefs didn't want to win, either!!!" It just seems like histrionics.
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