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I'm not thrilled with mine I'll edit this and post it. It was like magic I would someone to my watch list and 1-3 picks later gone...

QB M. Schaub QB - HOU

RB S. Greene RB - NYJ

RB L. McCoy RB - PHI

WR D. Bryant WR - DAL

WR V. Cruz WR - NYG

TE A. Gates TE - SD

W/R P. Thomas RB - NO

K M. Prater K - DEN



POS Player
BN K. Ogletree WR - DAL

BN D. Amendola WR - STL

BN R. Wallace WR - MIA

BN L. Kendricks TE - STL

BN M. Sanu WR - CIN

BN I. Pead RB - STL

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