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In 2005, James started 15 games and ran the ball 24 times a his 7th season...and gained over 1500 yards.

What did Manning do besides go 14-2? He had a 104.1 QB rating (his 2nd best behind his previous year). His 3747 yards was his 2nd lowest for his career but it shows a strong running back helped the Colts do what is most important....WIN!

So your worry of 2 guys wanting the ball is unwarranted if you are looking for wins and not Manning Fantasy Football stats.
Of course what you say is true. When Peyton had a running game his team was most successful. Only idiots saythings like Denver does not need a great RB because Peyton won't want it or need it. That is silly. The question comes down to whether not Denver thinks it is afordable not whether it will hurt Peyton's feelings or any other hogwash.
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