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Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post
That's why Leinart will be the starter by midseason.
I've never heard that Palmer is unhappy with the system. At times he's referred to the idea that it's a work in progress but never that he was unhappy about it. It would have been better for all involved had we just kept Al Saunders as OC, but management chose to clean house absolutely, even getting rid of our solid ST coach. That's gonna bite us.

Anyway, it's not out of the question that Palmer ends up getting replaced by Leinart but I tend to think that won't happen. Our running game will be good and so far pass protection seems solid. And if most of our wideouts are healthy, it'll be difficult for Palmer play so poorly that he gets benched.

If the offense fails it'll be on the playcalling and therefore Greg Knapp. We had a good system in place that worked well so if production falls off, especially with a healthy team, it'll likely point more to failures in coaching and playcalling than any one player.
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