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Meanwhile NFL Network is about to air a commentary on "Can the Jets fix what's looking like the beginning of a disastrous season?"
I think that defense is going to be lock down, better than last year. It's improved in every way. Landry and Bell at safety are looking awesome. Ellis at backup NT is looking like a beast. I think Coples will help them even as a rookie.

So I think the Jets will remain relevant because of their defense.

And their packages with Tebow is at least a recognition of "Hey, we suck. We're going to try different things to move the ball." A team with that attitude can find a way to get some points.

Tony Sparano is that guy that, the first time you look his way, he's totally sucking. And you think "he sucks," and you look away. Then you look back later in the season and he's got things headed in a better direction. Like last year, winning 6 of their last 9.
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