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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
No. Assuming you were asking for clarification and not just making a bunch of rhetorical jabs, settling in on a team with an established starter, but brought in with special plays to help that team win, all the while working on his mechanics for the next phase of his career.

That's genuinely where I thought he would be drafted (perhaps round 3). But McD drafting him (1) as a perceived QB guru at the time; and (2) with a human dumpster fire in Orton at QB -- got us all excited that we might get to see the "develop as you go" method, where he would start from a shotgun offense he was comfortable in, and work on these things as he went along.

For many reasons, it didn't work out that way. What he's doing now was where I hoped to see him. My two most likely candidates before the pre-draft buildup were the Patriots behind Brady and the Colts behind Peyton.

(Remember, the Colts always had a waste of skin at backup QB, so they may as well have gotten a player who could help them there -- and Tebow could. )
Meanwhile NFL Network is about to air a commentary on "Can the Jets fix what's looking like the beginning of a disastrous season?"
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