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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I'll concede your point about the player going in as a "professional football player" and the teams being listed that he played for, but the induction ceremony is very important to the player. I'll use Zimmerman as an example. He played the majority of his career as a Viking but he wanted to go into the HoF as a Bronco and hence, he had Bowlen delivery the introduction for his induction ceremony. I'll give another example. Tony Dorsett played a couple of years for the Broncos but he is not considered a Broncos HoF representative. He's a Cowboy all the way. The same can be said for Emmitt Smith and the Cowboys. Emmitt played a few years for the Cards but he went in as a Cowboy.
"How he's remembered" is different than "going in as" a member of a certain team. So is "who gives his induction speech."

Point of fact is, when you go in, you go in as a member of the NFL and any team you played for.

It's a pissing match that doesn't need to be had, just that turn of phrase bugs the everloving **** out of me.
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