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Originally Posted by JakeZ01 View Post
Not a big tebow fan....but why didn't anyone just try to run the spread with him? It's like buying a demolition derby car and than trying to race it. He it's what he is and he is good at it. It's wierd.i kind if feel bad for him.
Because he's not as physically gifted as a guy like Cam Newton and he not as good of a passer as Cam Newton. Basically, with the speed of the game and Tebow's long delivery motion, I think teams are unwilling to build and entire offense around his skill set.

If TT can just learn how to throw the ball more consistently, that is, get his completion percentage up above let's say 50% I think he could be pretty good. But he's got to be able to pass the ball. He can't scrambe around every time he gets a snap and hope he can somehow outrun opposing defenses. He'll eventually get killed doing that.
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