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I heard a commentary that Palmer's game (the long ball) does not jibe with the new offensive coordinator's system, is this true? That is, Palmer works great in the old offensive system that Al Davis liked so much (big chunks of yardage on pass plays, speedy WRs that can stretch the field, old school stuff) but not so much with the dink and dunk type of offense the new OC is running.

what say you?
As for chucking it downfield, it looks like we're still going to do that but a lot less often. But in every game so far, Palmer's thrown the long ball at least once, so it's still there.

Where Palmer really doesn't fit the system is with the rollouts that our OC likes to run. Palmer's a pure pocket passer and hasn't ever really made a habit of throwing on the run; and it shows. As far as I understand it, the bootleg should pose some kind of threat for the quarterback to run, thereby freezing the defenders for long enough for the receivers to get open. But Palmer presents no serious threat to run with the ball so even if he does rollout, defenses can safely ignore the threat.

But in preseason, we've moved the ball well between the 20s. It's our redzone offense that's been horrible. While you can't predict too much based on preseason, there are tendencies that can be identified when they're obvious enough, and that's the biggest one. It was the same with the defense last year. In preseason they got their asses kicked up and down the field in every game and that continued into and throughout the regular season.

Going back to Palmer, he's always going to throw a bonehead interception at some point. This season it's going to be a matter of how much the defense can limit the damage after the picks occur.
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