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Originally Posted by -Slap-
That sounds like an interesting book, Old Dude.

Have you ever checked out The Quarter Bin? It hasn't been updated in ages, but there are some thought provoking articles on there anyway.

Its kind of sad, but a lot of people buy into the idea that Stan Lee was ripping off his artists, primarily because his relationship with Jack Kirby ended on bad terms. Its sad that these people are badmouthing Lee now, but they'll probably be canonizing him after he dies.
Yeah, I've been by that site a few times. Great stuff. I especially like the "worst costumes" section.

I'm not sure how much of "Tales to Astonish" is really original because, frankly, I've never been that much into the creator background stuff.

I'd say that it doesn't really go out of its way to make either Kirby or Lee look good or bad.

What comes across is that Kirby was a great artist, an incredible workhorse, and a great storyteller in terms of his layouts. However, he couldn't write dialogue worth s***.

Lee wasn't so hot at inventing original material, but once you gave him some daylight (as Kirby did), he could run with the ball pretty well. He never seems to get any credit for being a fine art editor or talent scout, and he did a great job at both.

A lot of it just boils down to money. Kirby wanted more bucks and/or credit for generating the stories, and Goodman just wasn't willing to do that.
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