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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Come on already, just call the game. There's no need for a 3 hour rain delay. The Sox have taken the lead finally in the bottom of the 7th, so just call it a final.
I'm sure everyone will go ROBBLEROBBLEROBBLETIGERSHOMERROBBLE, but the Tigers have gotten jobbed twice on games that have ended prior to regulation.

This is an antiquated rule. With field and turf technology being what it is now, as well as the league and teams having the means to reschedule make-up games nowadays with few logistical issues, there's no reason to halt a game if the two teams play each other later in that season.

Earlier in the season, the Tigers had a game stopped in the 5th inning in which they were down 4-1, but had the bases loaded before the game was called. They played the Red Sox the next day.

For games like this where the two teams don't meet again, I don't know what the solution is. It's always just seemed to me that you should finish the game at some point.
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