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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by NUB View Post
He should have never tried to change his mechanics. So very dumb to do that. Guy was an accurate passer in college but all the pressure of the NFL wizkids somehow convinced him to try and shave 0.1s off his throwing motion. That said, I still think he starts for the Jets sometime this season.
IMHO, he needed to change his mechanics, all right (given that his career aspiration is to succeed as an NFL quarterback)... but it needed to happen years ago. Since it didn't happen then, he now needs to recognize that he could easily be an NFL superstar... unstoppable... at the TE or FB position, but time's not on his side in any efforts to gain those (QB) tools now. He's better-equipped to help his team succeed if he opens up to the possibility of playing other roles. But if he doesn't do that... oh, well. I'm not a Jest fan so it's of little consequence to me.
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