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really come on..............not true.

The only reson people called for TT last year was because Orton stunk it up.............Manning is here now and there is no way people would be calling for TT except for gimmick type plays or maybe a goal line type. Other than that no way in hell.

Sick of a-holes dumping on the guy............people cannot see the future in anyway and do not know what will happen to this guy but he sure as hell helped us out last year and deserves our respect for that.
Where else does the back-up QB get a billboard pushing for him to start? I think Orton melted under the pressure Tebow created, kind like the way Plummer was sucking when Cutler was behind him.

And how does he get an equal amount of booing and cheers when he comes into a game like he did in N.Y. tonight/ He is a very divisive personality and it if Sanchez struggles the fans in NY will demand that Tebow starts even though he shouldn't.
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