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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Blame poster like yourself for why people hate him. and errand boy hate just for the sake of it.

Look it up MCDUMBASS I said I was glad to have Manning but we should have kept TT as well..............**** you retard......don't assume **** cause it makes you look like the fool you are.

Only lately have you tards gone about explanation your BS hatred for a former Bronco who did nothing but good for the team because you got called out for your idiot take of basically saying he will never be an nfl qb and he can't throw even throw he did while here.

You two CANNOT see the future so shut up.
You two are just losers to consistently talk about the guy like he was some sort of a POS in the locker room or off the field...............all he did was win and bring some enjoyment to an an otherwise terrible season.

You two should be thrown under the bus like you have tried to do to him..........sad individuals you two are

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