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I agree...I liked the pick because he was a high character guy, a born leader, a generally great guy, and I thought he'd be a special QB who would overcome his throwing mechanic problems because he was such a hard working guy....

however after watching him play at the NFL level (and reading/listening to his whacked nut job fans blame everyone, and anyone for his problems) I formed the opinion that he was not the long term answer... but he did help us win 8 games last season (playoffs included)....and was a positive locker room presence and all around great guy...

but again his whack job fans made his staying in Denver kind of unbearable for the FO in my opinion.
Bull****. You went from riding Orton's jock all last offseason...

(buh buh buh, if he plays good, why can't we resign him Pleeeeeez? Best Chance to Win guys, Best Chance to Win.)

Straight to hating on Tebow from Start #1 last year.

Let's just say your Jimmy the Greekin' based on offseason Camp Champery is somewhat suspect.
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