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Originally Posted by errand View Post
I never hoped for anything there douche...I did however ask you or another nuthugger like yourself if it was possible that Orton would be re-signed by the Broncos if he played well and Broncos had a good season, after a nuthugger had stated he was a lame duck QB. Turns out he didn't play well, and he was benched and then released....and I had no problem with it.

I also stated that if the Broncos benched Orton and played Tebow, that they needed to leave Tebow as the starter regardless as it would help his development and confidence vs. jerking him in and out of the line up.

See the difference between us is I didn't defend Orton after he was benched, or after he was waived...

you on the other hand whined like a little b**** over Tebow being traded....waxing poetic about how sad it was and the tears in your kid's eyes as you and him cried together over what was to most a no brainer decision to get rid of his non-throwing ass...and you're still whining, and constantly trying to discount the Manning signing and the fact that this team is heads and shoulders better due to the addition of Manning and subtraction of Tim Tebow as our starting QB.
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