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Von Miller

Originally Posted by Br0nc0Buster View Post

I hope Lynch does well as I drafted him in the 3rd in my league

Thoughts on Ryan Matthews, Doug Martin, and Trent Richardson anyone?
I was not super high on any of them, but they all fell a lot lower than I expected in my draft and I ended up drafting all of 3 of them

I am hoping Richardson can be sort of like Steven Jackson
A volume player on a bad team, but wont come off on 3rd down

Same thing for Martin

Mathews I am unsure of due to his injury, but I couldnt pass up his potential in the 5th
Jesus christ. Where do you people find these leagues where a #1 RB, on a good-ish team, with a good qb, that doesn't split carries goes in the 5th.
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