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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Again manning is a master at moving the ball without a premier RB why try to improve something that does not need impRoving. While spending a gazallion trying to do it.

I found out a long time ago. Trying to get to perfection when you are close by trying to improve the best parts rarely works.

What you do to improve the fastest is find your weakest link and fix that first. When you run out of weak links if your not where you need to be then you work on improving the stronger areas.

Right now the RB spot is hardly the weak spot on the team. Sit us way down the list.

If everything else where you want it then you upgrade. Until then NADA
Ahhh, this is where the disconnect is. You and I simply disagree on the current state of our running game. I just don't think it's that far down the list. And those positions ahead of it? I simply don't see any top guys out there available via FA or trade that could immediately make us a top ranked unit at said position.

Honestly, I'd love to hear your take on all those positions of higher need and who is available at those postions that you would spend the MJD resources on and instantly solve those problems.
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