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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
LONESTAR In the deepest voice possible No one on this thread EVER said $10 million a year. He is making right now $4.5 if some playoff team(Denver) came in and offered 7-8 over 4 years he would take it.

Do not be a dipsh?t, I KNOW IT'S HARD BUT JUST RESIST.
And you've talked with his agent and know this.

Now it is time for you not to be a dip****.

The guy wants to be paid top money he is already getting almost 5 mil a 50% raise is not going to do it regardless of what YOU think..

He has made it clear he wants to be paid like the top back he is.

Not like Poorti$$$ that thought he he should be paid top money while only being a top ten guy.

As someone said he knows his career is not going to be forever so is trying to get every dime he can NOW.
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