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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
People over-value draft picks big time around here and, given our history, it's pretty laughable. I could understand if this was a fanbase of some team that had a great track record of solid drafting, but it couldn't be further from that. Our history says that unless they're picked in the top 10, they have about a 1% chance of ever making a probowl, much less being one of the two or three best at his position for several years.
I hated tanahans personnel disorder.

But believe that teams are built via the draft we all a know that Mikey's track record sucked donkey ball ..

But there is a new sheriff inn town with REAL coaches now not the ass clowns that mikey had.

guys that have a say in who comes to the team via the draft..

Until John fubars a few round 1-3 guys wi have confidence in him..
He is not Mikey the guy that whiffed on 35 guys in those rounds during his time in Denver..

Again if the Jags are not willing to spend the money and they know him why would anyone else do it..

BTW it is Johns pick on this one and I just can't see it happening so why so may folks have their panties in a was is beyond me..
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