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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Let's see miller DROY
Franklin IIRC 16 game starter.
Iirc Irving was behind someone learning Yet played in every game while playing STs
Moore Played in 15 games started 7
Then there was Carter #4 pick that started 12 games an played in all 16.

Are you a Tanahan lover

Must be if your whining about two clear cut starters and 3 starters of the future. Consider none of them had an off season and had new schemes and terms to learn. Typical.
The point is not "contributing". The point is "contributing to the extent MJD would contribute". We are not going to be picking at #2 next year, so a guy like Miller isn't the question. It's this:

What are the chances the Broncos are going to draft a guy next year in any round that is ever going to be better than MJD is right now? People over-value draft picks big time around here and, given our history, it's pretty laughable. I could understand if this was a fanbase of some team that had a great track record of solid drafting, but it couldn't be further from that. Our history says that unless they're picked in the top 10, they have about a 1% chance of ever making a probowl, much less being one of the two or three best at his position for several years.
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