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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Outside of Beckett what did the other three players do?
Gonzo has been crying since day one about all the extra night games, media coverage, etc that comes with playing for the Sox. He was also one of the key guys involved in the anti-Valentine camp since day one. He's not the biggest locker room cancer, but he's been a big enough distraction that they're not going to miss him as much as they would otherwise. His numbers are also way down and not worth what they're paying him.....but they're certainly attractive enough to sweeten a deal for a team like the Dodgers to take the Crawford and Beckett salaries off their hands.

Crawford is just in the "always hurt, under performing, bad fit" category. He's been fine in the locker room and off the field.

Punto's just a guy. He wasn't going to stick after this year anyway.
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