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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Sorry you are upset that L.A. is a big market team again.
This isn't a video game where they can keep all those guys and still win.
They'll need to give Kershaw a nice contract.
They are paying Kemp $20 mil a year
Hanley's getting paid $15 mil a year, how much the Dodgers are paying I don't know.
Gonzalez is $20 mil a year
Ethier is $15 mil a year
Crawford $20 mil a year
Beckett $15 mil a year

$105 million next year in just 6 guys, not including Kershaw even.

Billingsley makes $11 mil next year, Kershaw $10 I believe
Harang $7 million
Ted Lilly $12 million
Capuano $6 million
Uribe $8 million

$66 more million tied up in 6 more players. Half your roster is at $171 million already.
I just don't think its a smart move at all, and just look what happened to Boston trying to nab all these supposedly high promising players with big contracts. Crashed and burned and left with dealing guys to clear up money to try to "start over" improving the team.
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