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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
He's had one draft we can even gauge that on. Here was the first three rounds of that draft:
2 - Miller
45 - Moore
46 - Franklin
67 - Irving

Only half of those picks are producing for us, and the one real standout was the 2nd overall pick. Not exactly proving your point here.
Let's see miller DROY
Franklin IIRC 16 game starter.
Iirc Irving was behind someone learning Yet played in every game while playing STs
Moore Played in 15 games started 7
Then there was Carter #4 pick that started 12 games an played in all 16.

Are you a Tanahan lover

Must be if your whining about two clear cut starters and 3 starters of the future. Consider none of them had an off season and had new schemes and terms to learn. Typical.
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