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McD has been calling offenses for 6 years now. He's had one RB go for over 1100 yds. I'll stand by my assessment. Everyone and their mother knows the guy has no interest in running the ball.

Because it's implied. You have to compare them on a rushes per game and not a total rushes per season basis....unless you really think it's fair to compare seasons where he only started 11 or 12 games as opposed to 15 or 16. That's just idiotic. On a per game basis, it's not even close. He had FAR fewer carries per game last year than in prior years.

Up until this past year, when Knowshon was out hurt, it wasn't even close. Wells had a great 2011 and only because of that, they're now basically even in production across the board. Though Knowshon is still clearly better than him at catching the ball out of the backfield, with almost triple the receiving yards and 6 receiving TDs to 0.
Spin spin spin. You make KCPUD proud. Well I guess when you compare the two its IMPLIED that you compare per game production and there is no comparison between Wells and slowshon right.

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