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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
You can say this about every position, in theory, until you look at the Broncos track record. Once again, if it's so easy to do and such a gimme, why haven't we done it since Portis?
You can throw the old track record out mikey was fired several years ago and frankly so far I little to b**** about Johns record.
While they might not be the players loads of folks wanted they seem to have a purpose mostly rebuilding the team from where Tanahan left it.. A few marque skill spots that were all head cases.

Show me one round 1-3 guy that John has brought in so far that is not performing.

For those that have not figured out the really good teams build their franchise with rounds 1-3 and occasional #4s unlike Tanahans 4-7. While the is talent is out there occasionally TDs come around every decade or so.
General rule is it is backup and ST players after round three.
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