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In January 2012, Floyd Little received the prestigious Walter Camp Distinguished American Award.

The day before he received his award he spoke to a group of middle school kids in his hometown of New Haven, CT, at the newly named Floyd Litt
le Athletic Center: "You have to choose to better yourself because life is a challenge. So stay in school," was just one snippet of his inspiring speech.

Later that night he was asked to speak to an audience that included Andrew Luck, Hall of Famer Harry Carson and LSU coach Les Miles: "The world needs role models... we have all accomplished something great in our lives. But what purpose does that serve unless we can help someone else accomplish something in their lives? You are all game-changers. Now I challenge you to be life-changers. I know you have the power to make a difference in the community and in someone's life. But will you? That's the question."

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