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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
MJD had 419 touches to get 2552 yards which averages out to 6 yards a touch. Moreno had 494 touches to get to 2311 yards which averages out to just under 4.7 yards per touch.
PS you left off return yards for the first two years for MJD vs Moreno.

MJD last year had 9 runs of 20 or more yards. Has Moreno had 9 his whole career?
Yards from scrimmage, not all purpose yards. I am only counting roles in which both players filled. I don't think Moreno was ever used as a returner.

A difference of 1.3 yards per touch is acceptable variance if variables like the offense they play in, the ability of their respective olines to block for them, and the plays they are asked to run are taken out of the equation (due to difficulty to track these variables).

You seem to forget that I am conceding MJD being superior, he's great. I am just trying to show you how fine those lines really are, and it's not always responsible to start throwing resources away without considering the real cost vs. benefit
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