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Except they dont!

Anyone watching knew that MJD was a very good back. I can't say the same for Moreno nor do I want to waste a year trying to find out. He isn't a scrub back till you compare him to MJD then it isn't even worth discussing. A RB shouldn't take 4 stinking seasons to develop man. Go one and tell me how it took MJD 4 years to break a 1000 yards. The MJD had 34 rushing TDs to Moreno's 12. YPC was higher as well as receptions and yards recieving. Then look at the longest runs for them. Moreno's career long was 36 yards dude! Come on man!!!
Well, he was a mid round pick and he spent 4 years behind Fred Taylor who was a pro bowl running back in his own right. Plus he was the leading RB in franchise history for what that is worth.

That is what is great he has lots of tread on his tires as he was a partime back his first 4 years.
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