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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Except they dont!

Anyone watching knew that MJD was a very good back. I can't say the same for Moreno nor do I want to waste a year trying to find out. He isn't a scrub back till you compare him to MJD then it isn't even worth discussing. A RB shouldn't take 4 stinking seasons to develop man. Go one and tell me how it took MJD 4 years to break a 1000 yards. The MJD had 34 rushing TDs to Moreno's 12. YPC was higher as well as receptions and yards recieving. Then look at the longest runs for them. Moreno's career long was 36 yards dude! Come on man!!!
Statistically they are comparable. The only lopsided Stat is TD's, and while that is important, I can't say how MJD was used around the goalline compared to Moreno.

The fact remains: MJD had 2552 yards from scrimmage his first 2 seasons and Moreno had 2311. Less than 100 yards difference.

Either way, I mentioned that MJD is a better back, likely was then and is still today. My argument is that he isn't superior enough to warrant the price we would pay in trade and then to sign him to a new contract. Partially because I think Moreno has a lot more to give to the Broncos, and that we have a shiny new RB we just drafted already.
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