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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
If the asking price is a first you make the trade. If its less you make the deal. You can't say to them well Lynch went for a 4th a few years ago and Faulk went for this 15 years ago so here is our best offer.
I guess you do that if you're desperate. Are the Broncos desperate? We haven't even seen a regular season game played yet nor have we seen Hillman. Also, there will be RBs available very soon after cuts.

I'm saying the Broncos need to consider this before they consider trading for MJD. Also, we don't even know if MJD is available or not so this is all hypothetical as of right now. I don't think MJD will be available and IF he is, the Jags will want way too much for him in a trade. JMHO.
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