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Regarding the draft picks being cost-prohibitive, I found this pretty interesting today:

It's really hard to overstate just how valuable first-round draft picks are in the NFL. Using that classic draft value chart, Washington gave St. Louis more value for the rights to draft Robert Griffin III than the Giants gave San Diego for Eli Manning, or the Falcons gave San Diego for Michael Vick. And those picks are worth even more now than they were in 2001 or 2004 because of the new slot-controlled salaries for first-round picks. There's no way Griffin can live up to the hype without making double-digit Pro Bowls. An essay by the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective suggested that for the Redskins to get equivalent value for the picks they gave up, Griffin will need a career as productive as Tom Brady's.
Apples and oranges. Those were all high first round picks for top NFL QBS.

Were are talking Denver's 1st which will be in the mid 20's. There is so much fail in the 20's that it would be a wise move to sacrifice that selection for the best RB in the NFL as of last year.
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