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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Yep, that did work out well for the Rams. Can you think of any other trades that panned out well for the team receiving the RB?
Corey Dillon was traded from the Bengals to the Patriots after the 2003 season. He was an all world back for six straight seasons, was then injured for much of 2003 but still played in 13 games. He cost the Pats a 2nd round pick and turned 30 in October of his first year with them.

He only played for New England from '04 to '06 but '04 was the best year of his career and they won the Super Bowl that season.

MJD is three years younger than Dillon was and is a more versatile back, an ideal fit for our system.

If I was running the Broncos FO I'd offer a conditional pick that is a first rounder if the Broncos make the playoffs and is a 2nd rounder if not.
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