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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post

seriously, let's not get stupid here. I'd give up MAYBE a second round pick for MJD and then I'd sign him to a very incentive laden contract with a decent signing bonus up front that "shows him the $" but doesn't hamstring the team for the next few years.
The Manning trade set into motion a two year, three year window to win a championship. I know that some people seem to think that Peyton came with some sort of a time machine back to 2007 where he'll be able to throw 560 passes in a season and the Broncos will be successful. He's not going to be able to do that and the team needs to be able to run more, significantly more than Indy did with Peyton.

So if we look at the roster we have a decent RB north of 30, an unknown commodity 3rd round draft pick and scrubs.

Moreno sucks and his trade value is probably a 5th rounder, D.J.'s trade value is next to nothing because of the impending suspension and his contract his pretty big.

It's laughable that people think the Jags are going to take something like a 3rd rounder and Moreno for one of the three best backs in the league. If this is going to happen it's going to take a minimum of a 2nd and a player to get it done. Probably more like a 2nd, a 4th, and a decent player.
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