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Originally Posted by MagicHef View Post
I didn't realize that it was Hutchinson's absence that caused Alexander to break his foot and wrist.
Well his first season after Hutch left and he signed that huge contract, he wasn't doing that great until he broke his leg early in the season. He came back and didn't do so great except for 1 game. The next season he breaks his wrist and when he comes back loses one of his best blockers in FB Mack Strong and his decline is evident. But you are right... Hutch absence didn't cause him to break his foot, but running to the leftside (his bread and butter) was no longer the same.

Plus, look at Alexander's career as a case worth comparing to MJD. Alexander like MJD was a workhorse that putted up great stats. In his 7th season he signs a huge contract only to have it ripped apart 2 years later because of wear and tear. It's just to risky sending a 1st and signing a 7th year RB to a huge extension. Prefer to keep the pick and keep building the trenches (OL or DL).
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