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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
Anyway... back on track. What do you think is a better recipe for success for an offense. An elite RB or a great OL? Look what happened in SEA when they had that awesome OL. They made Shaun Alexander look like a HoF for a couple of years. They then lost Hutch and Shaun Alexander turns into... well... Shaun Alexander. That same Hutch goes on to Min as the missing piece to an OL that makes AP blow into the scene. Ever since that Oline started to fall apart AP hasn't been able to put up the same numbers he did in his first 2 years. AP is an Elite talent that is still able to overcome his teammates flaws... but look how many times and how hard their QBs have been hit.

A great Oline is way more important than an Elite RB.
Yes, but this decision isn't a hypothetical on paper thing. We know who the RB is that we can acquire. Do you have the Olinemen that we can acquire now to achieve teh "top OLine" billing?

MJD is UNQUESTIONABLY a top 5 running back in this league. We need AT LEAST TWO awesome OLinemen to get a top 5 ranked OLine. One to take Walton's place and one to take Beadles'. Are any of the top 5 guards and centers in the league available for trade right now? If so, I'd love to hear it.
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