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Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
Marshall Faulk was had for a mere 3rd round pick. I don't know why the Colts wanted to give him away, they didn't want to give him his huge contract I think.
It won't take a 1st rounder to get Jones-Drew.

First off, someone mentioned Pittsburgh got a top performance by their RB's. Their RB's performed average. 1700 yards and 13 TD's between 5 RB's.

Second, lets look at the playoff teams last year and their RB:
Giants - Brandon Jacobs/Ahmad Bradshaw, nothing special but solid
Green Bay Packers - RB committee, nothing special but solid
Detroit Lions - meh
Saints - Nobody exactly elite, but they have a solid group, 3-4 guys deep capable of running the ball/catching the ball
Falcons - here we go, our first "elite" in Turner
49ers - Is Gore considered elite? Kind of on the bubble between elite and great
Patriots - absolutely nobody elite
Ravens - Ray Rice, elite
Steelers - I say nobody elite, Mendenhall is not elite
Bengals - again, nobody elite but solid
Texans - Foster is elite
Broncos - nobody elite, but McGahee is solid

12 playoff teams, 3 elite RB's and 1 borderline elite. Winner of the Super Bowl did not have an elite RB.
Again, I am not talking about #1 RBs or names, but about the performances of the RB corps as a whole. Here are PFF's ratings for the RB corps of playoff teams:

Giants 5th
Packers 13th
Lions 23rd
Saints 1st
Falcons 16th
49ers 22nd
Patriots 9th
Ravens 15th
Steelers 2nd
Bengals 21st
Texans 4th
Broncos 17th

4 of the top 5 teams made the playoffs, with one winning the SB. Zero of the bottom 9 teams made the playoffs. Average rank was 12th.

For OL:

Giants 31st
Packers 11th
Lions 10th
Saints 1st
Falcons 17
49ers 20th
Patriots 3rd
Ravens 8th
Steelers 25th
Bengals 12th
Texans 5th
Broncos 30th

Only 3 of the top 5 teams made the playoffs, while 3 of the bottom 8 also made it. Average rank is 16th, or average. The team that won the SB ranked next to last.
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