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Originally Posted by lolcopter View Post
For a top 5 RB? Not gonna happen
Marshall Faulk was had for a mere 3rd round pick. I don't know why the Colts wanted to give him away, they didn't want to give him his huge contract I think.
It won't take a 1st rounder to get Jones-Drew.

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Dude, Cleveland, MIA and Indy had no offense at all because of terrible QB's. And did you just lump in 6-10 Buffalo with two Top Shelf QB playoff contenders to try to manufacture a point?

And that's the second time I've heard Sproles referenced. He's not an elite RB. He had more receiving yards than rushing last year. Put those yards together and you have about what McGahee did last year. Not Elite. He's a product of Brees.

Off the top of my head the only elite back I can think of that even went to the playoffs last year was Aryan Foster. Oh, or maybe Ray Rice.

There's a lot of other huge names, MJD included who racked up big stats last year, but went home after New Years.
First off, someone mentioned Pittsburgh got a top performance by their RB's. Their RB's performed average. 1700 yards and 13 TD's between 5 RB's.

Second, lets look at the playoff teams last year and their RB:
Giants - Brandon Jacobs/Ahmad Bradshaw, nothing special but solid
Green Bay Packers - RB committee, nothing special but solid
Detroit Lions - meh
Saints - Nobody exactly elite, but they have a solid group, 3-4 guys deep capable of running the ball/catching the ball
Falcons - here we go, our first "elite" in Turner
49ers - Is Gore considered elite? Kind of on the bubble between elite and great
Patriots - absolutely nobody elite
Ravens - Ray Rice, elite
Steelers - I say nobody elite, Mendenhall is not elite
Bengals - again, nobody elite but solid
Texans - Foster is elite
Broncos - nobody elite, but McGahee is solid

12 playoff teams, 3 elite RB's and 1 borderline elite. Winner of the Super Bowl did not have an elite RB.
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