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PFF ranked MJD as the second best RB in the league last year. He was the Jaguar's top ranked receiver, and he was their 4th best pass blocker, beating out three of their starting OL, and every other fullback and halfback on the team. If I were in charge of the Jags, I wouldn't give him up. If they do decide to though, we'd be stupid not to pursue him.
Let me remove part of your statement to point out the flaw in your logic.

Skill at RB correlates with wins much more closely than skill on the OL does.

The Packers, 15 wins.
The Eagles, 8 wins.
James Starks is no LeSean McCoy. Not by a long shot. But he won more games.

Now I'm a big fan of balance. But not in the "We need a superstar RB to balance out our superstar QB" sense. We need young, reliable legs to chew up what's given to us so we can keep defenses honest. Take-it-to-the-house ability comes in a distant second when you've got an elite QB for that same purpose.
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