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Originally Posted by MagicHef View Post
PFF ranked MJD as the second best RB in the league last year. He was the Jaguar's top ranked receiver, and he was their 4th best pass blocker, beating out three of their starting OL, and every other fullback and halfback on the team. If I were in charge of the Jags, I wouldn't give him up. If they do decide to though, we'd be stupid not to pursue him.

Skill at RB correlates with wins much more closely than skill on the OL does.

For example, which team had the worst play at LT last season? The Packers, 15 wins.
The best play at LT? The Eagles, 8 wins.

Which team had the worst play at RB? The Browns, 4 wins.
The best play at RB? The Saints, 13 wins.
UHhh... sorry... but RB correlates with wins more than the OL? Hell to the no!!! Did you forget all those Shanny years? What happened to teams like the Vikes, Jags and Tenn last season? Even though they have elite rbs they got nowhere because of various other factors... one being that their Olines really struggled (Tenn not so much).

Having an elite back would be great... but in today's passing NFL they are not worth it unless you are picking them in the draft or getting them with low mileage through a trade (like Portis).

MJD has been a workhorse through his career. It comes a point where you have to ask yourself when he will start to break down?
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