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Originally Posted by lolcopter View Post
And how many of those guys are capable of providing the MAJORITY of their teams offense for consecutive seasons while being an elite running and pass catching threat out of the backfield

You cannot draft a player like MJD, and if by some chance you do it will be a top 5 pick or just sheer luck
I didn't realize that MJD wasn't drafted....or was he drafted in the top 5? Maybe I'm thinking of the other top overall RB's like Ray Rice or Arian Foster....those guys must have been top 5. Michael Turner? Lesean Mccoy? Frank Gore?

Man, I am just having the hardest time finding elite running backs drafted in the top 5

Sigh....You don't understand. We don't need 1 guy to be the only offensive threat, so we don't need to overspend on a guy that would do that. He wouldn't be asked to be all those things for our team, he would be asked to do the things that cheaper backs could do just fine.
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