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Marvin Austin

I just read the first page and my head is spinning...

MDJ is a freak...Not like a single player on this team. He is fast, runs hard, makes people miss and can run over would be tacklers AND he has great hands and can catch a bost load of passes from Manning. Do not forget to mention he can block like no ones business, just ask a juiced up Merriman.

There were a couple knuckleheads that said he is not worth a first round pick.... SERIOUS We wasted the #12 overall pick on slowshon marino and an 18th overall on Ayers. With a straight face I need those same posters to tell me MDJ is not worth more than either of those 2 clowns.

We need this kind of player on the team... BUT his price tag might just be more than we can afford at this time cap wise.

Sign me up for the "Get him at almost any cost" side of the argument.
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